need to improve vocal sound

We tried to get some rough vocals down for “gold mountain” “edge” and “summerfields” so that mat knows how to arrange the music n stuff, but theres something that just aint right about how it gets recorded, and apparently its not just coz my voice and lack of talent. i think we using an sm57 mic and the marshall mg100dfx as a pre amp. There’s something on ebay that im hoping to pick up cheap that apparently acts as a pre amp and condensor, plus i think there was something about phantom power which i think is the key to our problamo. It’s not a great bit of equipment, i found it new for $80 online, but it would be easier to get from the uk, so ebay it is.

coming up

Looks like mat is wanting to record some aminal beauts. First on the list is gold mountain, which was originally written in like 98 or something but i gave it a rewrite this year and is probably better than what it was.

We’re also looking at recording rough versions of all songs we’ve come up with over the years no matter how not so good they are. I’m putting “summerfields” “angela” and “hail to the man” at the top half of the list, although “angela” needs a good rewrite too, better start watching some “my so called life” for inspiration, (that’s the tv series, not the band).

Other songs include “titanic” “cruise” “wild rose” “kill me” “it could happen to you” “edge” and “whore”.

New site done didaly done

Must of clock’d up about 80 hours working on the site, half or which was probably learning how to install wordpress and customise the theme with the same layout of the rest of /aminal. Anyway it is done now, it should work as i designed it to on ie7, firefox 2, and opera. Ie6 works but without the opacity settings, even though it supports opacity, it didn’t like the way backgrounds stretched and so had to be done a different way. If the background had opacity settings, so would the text within it, so no opacity. The forum is up and running, yes i know there’s no need for it, but i wanted to learn how and so i did.

I think i’m happy with the way it turned out, i’ve started reading a book on grammar but i doubt i’ll grasp any of it, and what i’ve done so far content wise could do without my wording, but i’m hoping to work on how to produce more professional like content in the future.

aminal site nealry there

its taken longer than i thought. mostly because i’ve found it hard customizing wordpress using php, which mostly i hven’t touched, just some cut and paste and entering my code around what was already there. but today i had a break through and have nearly figured ou tthe basic customizing i needed with css. I still need to find out about installing a forum. and then a small amount of javascript needs to go into the main template of the website, and then i can copy that for each of the sections and just change the content to suit. hopefully this second post will be enough to push the main page down enough so that the extra sidebar with links can fit on the page too. only problem is that stupid search form, i cant find where to reduce its width.